Privacy Policy

(effective 4/3/2003)

Personal Information

We collect only basic, personally identifying information (name, title, state, e-mail address), in order to assist in targeting newsletter content and ensuring proper newsletter processing and delivery. On occasion, we will offer our readers carefully screened products and services from our sister divisions which we believe will help you and your company increase performance.

Opt-Out of Future Communications

If, for any reason, you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe by simply following the link at the bottom of each newsletter, or call 1-800-226-2327 to be removed from all future e-mail communications and/or to simply update or correct your information.


The Privacy Policy adopted by PBP Executive Summaries and all statements contained on this site about privacy and how we deal with data supplied by visitors to this site are not intended to be a contractual obligation of any kind and any such obligation is hereby disclaimed. These statements constitute the present policy of PBP Executive Summaries as to which it will take reasonable measures to implement. Similarly this Privacy Policy is intended to set forth our policy, including our practices and intentions about how we conduct our business. Customers will be notified of changes to this policy through e-mail.